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All Jammu and Kashmir People  to People Dialogue, Peace and Prosperity   (PPDPP - 2001)

Asia Plateau

Panchgani 412 805, Maharashtra, ( India )
Pragati Foundation

“ When I think of the horizon about us,
My heart becomes sick and weary. 
And when I listen to the still small voice within,
I derive hope and smile
In spite of the conflagration raging around me.“
... Mahatma Gandhi

There is a need for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to come together around our deepest spiritual values and glorious common heritage, listen to the guidance of love in our hearts and come up with inspired and practical proposals for lasting Peace and Prosperity in J & K.

Our Vision :
Peace and Prosperity for All, Inspired by Love.


A growing mass of well-meaning people, in India and Pakistan, believe that the time has come to positively & consciously bring about a shift in mind-sets, which alone can lead to outer changes and long-term friendship between the two countries.

A group of such people, led by the Pragati Foundation in Pune, India, and the Foundation for Human and Economic Development, USA, had a very inspiring and energising Indo-Pak dialogue at Panchgani in the summer of 2001 ( 8th -11th August 2001 ). It was probably for the first time since 1947, that Pakistanis and Indians, including Kashmiris, sat together at one table, in a spirit of Friendship, Amity and Dialogue and came up with a shared understanding of what we need to do, to bring about permanent Peace.

One of the resolutions adopted at Panchgani was that another dialogue should be held, in which the people of undivided J & K could share their authentic heritage and voice their true collective aspirations. It was agreed that the true voice of the people of J & K needs to be heard and their deepest aspirations need to guide actions on the future of the state.

This proposed dialogue is intended to create an inspired and practical atmosphere, in which creative alternatives can be developed from a deeper space, for the collective good. The resolutions and action plans, which emerge, would be shared with the public and with the leaders of our nations. This would mobilise constructive action for a glorious future for Jammu and Kashmir.

About the Dialogue

 The forthcoming dialogue is aimed at bringing together seriously committed people, from the whole of Jammu and Kashmir, in a very inspiring setting. We will seek the

guidance of Love in silence, besides dialoguing, to come up with practical solutions and proposals for lasting Peace and Prosperity for the people of J & K as a whole. 

In this dialogue, the purpose is to get together, listen to each other and re-connect back with the rich and glorious Spiritual, Aesthetic, Intellectual and Universal heritage (including Kashmiriyat) of J&K…… one that has a tremendous relevance in today’s times. We intend to work together for Peace and Prosperity for all, inspired by the Universal Spirit, which has guided us all through the ages. This dialogue and reconnection, would give the world a chance to hear of the Underlying Values that forge the Kashmiri Spirit, and how deeply it draws from the Human Principles of Love, Brotherhood and the Universal Oneness of all humankind.  It was also felt that a solution to the problem of poor Indo-Pak relations,  and to the Kashmir issue, can be found within these values.

Methodology & Guiding Principles : 

We will use tools like Open Space Technology to structure the proceedings, while at the same time giving space for Inner Guidance and spontaneous meetings. The guiding principles we will follow are :

  • Awaken to, and Trust, the power of Love.
  • Listen, Reflect and Dialogue.  
  • Initiate Loving Action, now.  
  • Joyfully Expand the circles of Love.
  • Remember that we are On

This dialogue is the outcome of a deep longing for healing, peace and prosperity in Jammu & Kashmir.  

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this inspired endeavour.

When we d" When I dream alone, it is just a dream.
ream together, it is the beginning of reality.
When we work together, following our dream, it is the
Creation of Heaven on Earth

….. Adapted Brazilian Proverb

Proposed Agenda : All dates are in February 2002

Tuesday 12th 3 P.M. Delegates arrive at Asia Plateau, Panchgani
6 – 8 P.M. Introductions
Wednesday 13th   9. 00 – 10 A.M. Opening comments by Moti Dar, other Convenors
Key Note address by a Spiritual Leader
10.00 -10.45 A.M. Audio Visual Presentation on the Universal
Heritage of Jammu and  Kashmir
11 A. M. Onwards Rules for dialogue and General Meeting
Break out sessions using Open Space Technology
6. 00 P. M. Closing Circle.
8.30 P.M. Cultural Programme
Thursday 14th 9 A. M. Onwards General Meeting – Open Space continues
4 P.M. Onwards Beginning of Action Planning
Friday 15th 6. 30 - 7. 30 A. M. Multi-faith Prayers
9.00– 12.30 P.M. Next Steps ( Action Plans ) & Closing Ceremony
Saturday 16th   4. 00 - 8. 00 P. M. Public Meeting at Ganesh Krida Mandal Pune, jointly
organised by Sanjay Nahar and team of Sarhad, and
Pragati Foundation. Details will follow.

Registration : 

Please send the enclosed Registration Form with Rs. 2,500/- per participant by Demand Draft payable to Pragati Foundation, drawn on a bank in Pune

Registration charges include both lodging and boarding at Asia Plateau, Panchgani. 

Last date for receiving a hard copy your registration form with payment : Jan 25, 2002.

 The Venue : The Venue of the dialogue is Asia Plateau, Panchgani Tel :  91-2168 40241/40242  Fax : 91-2168 40004.  E-mail : 

Asia Plateau is a zone, free of alcohol, and tobacco. The participants are requested to respect the rules and norms of the venue, in letter and spirit.  Panchgani in winter can be quite cold.  You are advised to equip yourself accordingly.

 Arriving at the Venue :  

Panchgani is 100 kms from Pune. It can be easily reached by road from Pune or Mumbai. Kindly reach Asia Plateau by 3 P. M. on 12Th Feb., 2002.

 We can receive you in Pune / Mumbai and make arrangements for your transport to Panchgani provided your travel plans and arrival details are intimated to the Co-ordinator  by Feb 05, 2002. Alternatively, you are also welcome to reach Panchgani on your own. Kindly keep the Co-ordinator informed of your travel plans through emails / faxes.

 Information and Queries : 

For any information and queries about the dialogue, please do not hesitate to email or call the following people in India for assistance :

New Delhi

Vivek  and Nivedita Sharma
(O/R) 91-11-6091061, 6070976, 6070983
Fax : 91-11- 6090593
E-mail :


Ramesh Pathak ( Co-ordinator )
(O) 91-20-7290134, 7291217, 7290173 
Fax : 91-20-7292246.
( R ) 91-20-5440738
E-mail :

With warm regards and all good wishes,

Yours truly,

Moti Dar                                Ramesh Pathak                                         Arun Wakhlu

[Pragati Foundation is registered under the societies Registration Act 1860 ( Regn. No.- 6514-92) and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 ( Regn. No. F-7629 ). Donations and contributions are exempted from income tax vide section 80 G of  Income Tax Act 1961]

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